#136 Geomje

Geomje Geomje

Geomje grew up listening to my parents always fall asleep before the story of murimin. Teurigo down the mountain, with the speculum neungsu to make the enemy chupung leaves neungran story was created dreaming to appear in Ho Gong learned the geomje like other children. But there was no money geomje parents could send them to the training center geomje Poor. However geomje is secretly watching over the fence to steal a training center without abandoning the dream began to Gong practice. In particular, the sword was part of geomje is very much better. But there was sabumnims may ask questions, and nothing that that map, we could not know anything more frustrating because I could not tell very much fits the attitude. Danyeoteot geomje has come to collect the herbs and medicinal herbs in the mountains along the mother since I was a kid to help the poor housekeeping. Near the base of the mountain where geomje had lived shaman Independents may dig a herb that can be sold expensively usual climbing there one day, geomje has stumbled and went up the mountain giant tiger Caravan herbs. Geomje is honbibaeksan jumped to die in order to live with all the energy threw the herbs pocket. My dalrideon geomje was crazy enough to reach the cliff. There was a cliff next to a waterfall that flows down a peg was a deep geomje jumped down a waterfall naepda to live. I just came geomje a cliff top overlooking the tigers still live out of the water so it was staring at you. It freaked you geomje decided to take refuge in a cave behind the waterfall to hide until the tiger. Geomje was sitting near the entrance to the cave suddenly I felt it was the smell of fragrant flowers flowing from the inside. Floral scent and refreshing scent geomje headed to crawl into a cave and went inside. Geomje entered into gear for a long time I closed my eyes tightly Amazingly sudden light. I look forward to after a while scooping silnun, a clear sky and shining sun, a large peach trees and landscaped gardens, a small thatched summerhouse and sodamhan match. Geomje the unfolding spectacle suddenly surprised I had to look at the stand and will continue its sights. "What do you asshole. But come on Come" And a young man dressed in uniforms from the thatched open door beckoning to come in geomje. "To ... me ... me?" "Well, do not fucking here, whether that?" Going bewildered by dragging the geomje to renovate its force was so superior. Geomje is struggling to get out was to no avail. I know this young man is a fool had your drink of forgetfulness is so late, round, round You're killing me. But he had the same guy that threw his lamentation discards geomje Throwing a pond in the garden. Gaeunhan I feel like I've heard that water to wash the whole body permeate every corner until citing their stay. Yet suddenly so many other memories in my head and started pouring coming in. However, the human body, has been able to accept all geomje accept only some of them did quite remember. Geomje a world of confusion and originally was fresh honbaek left to prevent the coming of the Devil lead to destruction possessed by the human body was due to descend in the human world. However, through the door and bang in the middle of the reincarnation of a mistake in the High Strung reborn as a human being because he forgot all the memories and enlightenment honbaek only gave haebeo reduced to a half of fresh place. Since the accumulated pitting also lost all circumstances geomje up on high ground again build the pitting as a training again, you must defeat the devil. Youth is specifically sent to help geomje a singular former friend without even seongye. Anyway, geomje drove all the bodies of water in seongye My Blood Relation takgi was clean as a baby. Geomje has started training again with the help of the youth fencing. Re-learn the convergence simbeop, collected by Jeong-soon on top of each unit cell on top of each group. Geomje but gained the ground step by step recollects the past memories, he also feels like a memory of the past is gone because I am not sure that that was when I pick you feel something lacking. Cheochamhi day was defeated by utilizing the grazing geombeop too honest to all youth and fencing Dalian ilhyeoseo. The young man gave me the advice to geomje to break that before moving experience. Seongye time flows more slowly than originally human world. Here are the hours of the day're passing In the human world. Youth and training and have passed since 10 years. Geomje grew into a full-fledged 17-year-old youth. Ground rises up, geomje the doeja able to draw out the young man made a chase geomgang geomje meant standing there saying more is here. Throbbing heart out of the cave and headed back to the original house. However, the time of actual human world and I'm back hundreds of years later. Where the house had been geomje the field went back to the waterfall again gateuna someone had not thought of the time difference cave geomje tries racking the cave is stagnant. Disappeared without a place to go onde gande. Geomje was too confused. Thus raising the power over geomje is to prevent the coming of the devil, as a young man said to take the first step to become President and fulfill my childhood dream also ganghoin to naedingi. Geomje started the day with. All I have is that one of the two swords Singeom unity and to chwichik to pyoguk sword fighting because one escort in case the devil and fight. Geomje is no apparent thing to not make some money doing colleagues received treatment for a freak, I was able to quickly get to know people, and thanks to a bright personality. They do not have a shelter somewhere like geomje drifting here and there was also feel called kinship care. Geomje of the day was the sediment was nowhere to hear rumors that a dead person back to life moves. I want to hear those words coming as soon as the application of the Devil began to try susomun for the source of the rumor. Standing revive the dead burinda has been to turn the rumor that everything is where this person. Then they began munpa giants of smoking is rumored to be being attacked by a mysterious geomje Sapa saw investigate about those raiders. Who was attacked munpa is or has been an evil spirit pungbibaksan left. Geomje heard a weird story during a bodeon look at Sapa in question. Sapa is the head of the young and beautiful young and has about calling themselves as 'devil'. This was also cared for somewhere creeps. Geomje went into the Syndicate was formed in order to punish the SAFA murimmaeng. Go invaded the home of Sapa with the Syndicate. There yen was really dead were raided attending a live person walking. Gaejung yen but also the Distinguished Flying Rigor Mortis excellent, all the fallen leaves will be eogeom of geomje chupung is. All minions have died Devil unveiled the look. But the Devil is too young resemble geomje have ever called a friend to seongye. In red eyes, but it flowed sheds light on this sinister aura overflowing the whole body. Other perdue are discarded once beckoned the young man fell woosusu. Geomje only with an aura of seongye is the only opponent to beat him. Shock while, geomje mess the world is grabbing all the hearts I've heard a sword to punish the devil. Satan is but a river, geomje pushed because there was no period so rich practical experience gained. There are million effective convergence around a sword blow steering input could cause a blow to Satan. But almost time increases to fight pitting the relatively unfavorable geomje be insufficient. Geomje pierced the heart instance is up to the devil pulled the last of pitting. And the Magi were in the body of the dragon was sealed flock to Singeom Devil is back in the form of a young man led me to geomje sword. Haeteotdago youth need someone to protect him, I say thank you geodwot to hide behind. Those people who watched the last fight as a sword of the Lord, and called geomje. In all desire is gone out of the bondage of the body and at the same time for a secular allegory geomje the dorsal margin.