F - Saber

#138 F - Saber

F - Saber F - Saber

Mechanical force in 2812 ... The nanomaterials and machinery Planet Hyper Fusion is made here. Hypertext is a monarchy planet to serve the emperor. It was there escorting warriors guarding the emperor, I refer them to bulrieot La Sabre. Saber has received training to become fatefully born from a saber to defend them as warriors guarding the side of the emperor. Inside they were escorted safely in accordance with their respective share of the work, one of his work that have used the abbreviation of F- Saber Fighter. More than anyone to come forward to do their part to fight back down safely escort because the king was guarding the side of the emperor. What place does not fall in the hyper planet has existed on this planet called Tron. Tron planet and hyper planet was always waging war to occupy the planet's hostile relationship with each other and each other. F - Saber since I was a kid feature is that one day the sword he must have committed will finish the long war. Was good at fencing saber fencing of F- was developed day by day since I was a kid, and now he came along with his sword in the hyper planet was not anybody. While he was hyper-growth planets and planets are paid for countless wars Tron. And the emperor of Tron planet profusely by putting all the power to end the war has to be accounted for Hyper planet. Battle of the day. All the warriors of Tron planet has thrust towards the hyper planet. Warriors of hyper planet into an unexpected raids have forced it could be relevant to the helpless. Warriors of slip Tron planets came through to the front of the Emperor's fortress hyper geochwi planet. The gates of the fortress in their harsh attack has no choice but to fall. Emperor of the warriors of the planet to the upcoming Tron nose ... F - Saber is the best fight in order to protect the emperor as an escort warriors of the Emperor. His sword was definitely stand out. Quick sword and only rapid physical chyeotji warriors Tron planet bravery, and his colleagues are gradually disappearing little by little. In the end, the only two left the Emperor and F - Saber. Among F - Saber tackled a number of warriors came planet Tron is a limit to the physical, ended up collapsing. F - Saber mind all looked around and opened his eyes dimmed. They were lying on their colleagues, among them the emperor also had already fallen to the state achieved a breath. F - Saber and the emperor wanted to scream at the sight he kept so fallen, and vowed revenge on the torch will be interplanetary time. F - Saber raised left the kid ever remember, I remember that for the time gate saw in the library of hyper planet. Time Gate was a space-time dimension is a mobile device that can freely move and time travel. F - Saber is ready to go back to the time before the invasion of the ten thousands of warriors Tron planet through a time gate. F - Saber left to find the time gates were eventually found the time gate at the end of a long journey, there was a scientist of yen developer ppogeul head of K. F - Saber gave a talk to the developers of the things whilst K. K is the time gate to F- developer Saber warned that it is not yet fully. F- did not have time saver will eventually succeed in time travel into force of the Time Gate. A hyper-planet planet against the invasion of Tron was able to win the war, the emperor gave the chief place of warriors to escort F - Saber founded the ball. F - Saber right place at the head of the escort Musa first started training to prepare for the invasion of another planet ever know Saver gathered. But it was not all are accepted as head of the F- Saber Saber. Excellent swordsmanship and bravery was jealous of the usual saber saber F- have had the time and the jealousy of the F - Saber. And they are kkoehage an internal revolt for the new emperor crowned with a plan to assassinate the F - Saber formed a secret organization. The new emperor selected they plan to relocate to run an internal revolt. They came kkoehan this battle of the day revolt. Dark night ... no sound of footsteps ringing in the kkoehan F - Saber revolt in silence. And at once you penetrate the sleeping quarters of the king and they confirmed that he is emperor and plug off the knife over the chest of the emperor. At that moment, F- Saber and his colleagues at the back door with a loud bang represents a figure. And after their emperors were located. They stabbed the emperor was right in the face of the Emperor doll. The Emperor and the F - Saber chaetdeon noticed that there are disgruntled inside F - Saber will already know who prepare their plans. F- breath F - Saber who has sought to aid the rebellion with his colleagues. Former colleague and now is in fact a traitor who betrayed F - Saber themselves and their country doeeotdan goes into jagoegam with great loss. F - Saber put down the seat of the head earnestly invite escorted safely to the Emperor, and decided to leave the palace. Qing emperor to gangok a period of F - Saber also eventually let him go. F - Saber All work is done is to give back to the developer K to time gate. K rises to meet the developers back to the journey. Of his way towards the developer K, suddenly began to operate the gate time, the moment the lights are flashing. The sight of this spirit all F - Saber overlooks its own developer K. Developers F - Saber going to ask why the K is the time gates were incomplete were congested, the F - Saber in the future by the backing of the time came to explain developer K. Until time to repair the faulty gate will be proposed that stayed with him as the Lost Saga. The F- Saber decided to stay in a place with developers Lost Saga K until the time gate repaired. The F - Saber is more robust and lived with his sword developer K in Lost Saga and strong determination to practice.