Ganesha Ganesha

Wisdom and wish good luck with you Parents of Ganesha is being forest. Father, grandfather, father, grandfather, were all adults get forests of soaring son. The forest has a sacred fountain god Ganesha relax while drinking water. Ancestors of Ganesha ate the sacred water of this spring is that the recovery bottle. Forest long has it become a fountain to keep the forest from his back. In the forest there is another legend, a legend that the blessings of Ganesha elephant who live there. But no one has never seen. Ganesha has free access to the forest along a father since childhood. So, the Ganesha forest had become a playground. Animal Crossing has been a friend of Ganesha. One day it is Ganesha who is found written in black larynx winning distance snooping around in the woods. Ganesha is questionable crowd that because small children could not be found Ganesha. Ganesha is because, like the Father and the close - knit with the heart to protect the forest back to those people who have jjotat. That bunch are awarded the same thing I tried to write in plain strange stone circle in the woods surrounding the center He was wearing a blood red letters of the animals. After that they made a circle around the stone laid Bing began to memorize the same spell as a small sound. And I was starting to get such a strange magnetic field around while the letter was written on the stone shine around. It was thrilling and frightening sounds. And surprisingly the soul of an elephant appeared in the stone. The elephant seemed bewildered amazement that year. Elephant soul glowed beautifully in gold. However, the black smoke started olah Maggie the elephant spirit he arose thunderhead thunderhead. The elephant was suffering and struggling ran. Young children do not know anything, but the sight of evil and seemed very ominous look at a glance. Ganesha throws holy water bucket is secretly have attended to that point. Kkaejimyeonseo barrel holy water sprinkled holy water has been written by a black hood, people wrote letters and fatigue. The right people in the holy sufferer had cried a compacted black smoke began to disperse the elephant was wrapped. Elephants came back with gold, he gardenia down the stone giant with feet People of all black outfit was nalragat everywhere. The people of honbibaeksan black clothes and fled. The golden elephant's soul was very bright. He has approached the place with Ganesha. "I lived thanks to your baby." It would not surprise that elephants souls to say? "I'm keeping Miranda's guardian elephant Ganesha fountain. You really do children with clear tempered disposition. Zuma played down've saved me in return a blessing to you. " "This is a blessing do not go away from you, you can borrow my strength itdanda can call me. Will you in the future to safeguard the forest. " "Sure!!" Ganesha is a god, then he answered. The elephant seemed to be smiling factors. Elephant Ganesha had sprinkled gold dust in the surroundings. This golden sparkling touched the body began to shine. After receiving the blessing of the elephant Ganesha is the patron father has instead become a forest. Since then, the patron elephants often unveiled. Ganesha is the most favorite place was patrolling the forest riding on his back. It was heard a lot of people are trying to break into the woods. Ganesha defeated all of the people who are unauthorized intrusion in the forest with elephants patron. Then one day Ganesha is asked to elephant god Ganesha knowwhere. Then the elephant was there with a smile Binggrae knowwhere get enlightenment through ascetic know. From that day he began Ganesha is penance. Naked meditation on stone elephant and seal the patron was fasting. When Ganesha was only moves when you stop the intruder. Ganesha after a few months I decided to cleanse the body as holy water from the sacred fountain of elephants in accordance with the advice. Eonja replace a fountain of water in the body, the body of Ganesha has actually started to shine golden. And I felt a huge force and exists inherent in some of Ganesha. God Ganesha who was not far away. Ganesha is the god Ganesha was just one of the many incarnations. So it was to be able to defend with elephants. After this divine enlightenment for feathers on the body of Ganesha has often radiates golden. Ganesha has been able to substantiate the elephant soul for a while. These people are widespread rumors that he wrote the black hood in the forest began to look around for Ganesha. Ganesha had not understood the true nature of people is finally written in black hoods, they were just Asura tribe. They attacked to destroy the incarnation of Ganesha Ganesha. Asura Cache Jaffa lost a son to God would one raid for revenge. However, the strength of strong Ganesha Asura have collapsed like a chupung leaves. In addition, it more easy thanks to the strength of the obvious anger of the powerful Guardian elephants get to them before. Ganesha is sikimyeo come directly preach the Cache Jaffa was my jjotat them. Cache Jaffa came directly depending on the reason why Ganesha has been attacked himself. And he've got the head of the Bata Ira Indra is prized elephants Eliminating Ganesha called Indra is said to be the reason that over her. Ganesha is called the incarnation of Ganesha, and Indra said, but it does not matter The Jaffa too deep resentment of cashew did not listen to the words of Ganesha. Ganesha the elephant, but to stop the Cache Jaffa to use every force Asura king of the tribe was not enough to prevent him yen. Ganesha is bodeon increasingly on the defensive melee god Ganesha who watched this, To briefly descend on the body of Ganesha was able to defeat him. Ganesha me in this world, thanks to the film is the Cache Jaffa ttwideon they've all kicked to step Sura Asura. Thus Ganesha has been widely named as guardians of the world. Many people have tried to follow, but the Ganesha Ganesha has roots back to the forest to hit everything. Ganesha gaining enlightenment through meditation is quietly guarding the sacred forest Together with that gentle friend, the elephant was the most happy. Demonstrating the power of the powerful elephant Ganesha. Let's experience the power of god Ganesha one of wisdom and good fortune?