#134 Jumper

Jumper Jumper

The father of the jumpers are ordinary office worker, mother a housewife jumper. Neither rich, nor poor, it was not an ordinary home. My father gave an annoyance but a weekend just to play with jumpers, My mother has always been friendly. I had a very good jumper was kidding. I was also struck by the degree of pity for my mom occasionally skip a joke. Also many new things and curiosity, insects, animals, go look up and sparkling eyes were adept at observing the jumper haneunge sit for a few hours. One day was when the jumper is past the alley. Got a light that sparkles in the alley jumpers are entered into the alley of curiosity. The end wall of the alley was unusual look. There was a hole in the wall of glowing gray, sometimes ended up inside the hole showed the appearance of the universe did in the TV. The jumpers are in strange phenomenon has triggered curiosity rather than fear. I went closer to look a little closer to get close. Did nothing happens, jumpers went closer more and more drawn to the mysterious appearance. Jumper is a godson hand in glowing border hole disappeared while radiating a strong light and energy. The jumpers are honjeol to strong light Covering. Jumper did not come back this evening to pass. Then I looked for a jumper jumpers hemaemyeo Worried mother the whole neighborhood. Mother's jumper was found lying in the alley was a jumper. Honjeol was awake I could not remember anything jumper. The jumpers are waking slumber felt like as a mother to the occasion Cow Horn ass was so runny The tears fall comfortably. But since that day has gone asleep when you flop jumpers. Gilgada is, from eating rice, was prone to suddenly abandon instance during sleep was taking a bath. That was because the symptoms are similar, and lethargic, I've also visited the hospital to see Map eaten, not better at all. Even when the jumper is also whether he fell asleep, did not even remember falling asleep, then did not even think about it. Over time, symptoms simhaejyeot high jumper was impossible to everyday life. Furthermore, only time jumper was unusually slowly flowed. The jumper was 17 years old, the body was only 8 years old. Attending school thing was impossible, studded cock only has the world afraid of leaving home. This is not the jumper looks almost unchanged, the Friends of the jumpers are hated. Can l examine the matter in the hospital, the body of the jumper health was cause could not be determined. Jeompeoeul to take all the famous doctors only jeoeul head. But parents still love the jumper jumpers, gradually got tired. I gradually increased the frequency of the more isolated from the world a jumper to fall asleep and sleep duration. Even jumpers are sometimes wish I was even awake angil like this forever. Future of the jumper was believed to be a black darkness. One day, the jumper has witnessed a wall caused Gala As the round hole. I heard somewhere that deja vu is like the jumper has stretched out her hands towards the hole as if spellbound. I just took the jumper is sucked into the hole. And, let's go inside jumper hole was closed again. And where was the street jumper from the aliens in the movie I saw walking around the huge facility. Nolan jumper on the bizarre shape heard scared hiding in an alley. Where the hell is this place? The jumpers have found a hole to go back to knock on the wall as it was in the room, the holes did not appear. Jumper has entered the alley was very dismal place, unusually bizarre aliens appeared. Jumper escape damage was beyond them alien, aliens have raised his hands to catch the jumper. The jumpers are unconsciously eotneunde out his hand to stop them and, at the moment with a hole in the front of a bright light has occurred. Jumpers went into the hole without thinking twice. And here again was another alien jumper from the unknown. Aliens, alien cities of different forms of different types. Jumper continues to move through the hole in the earth, but did not appear heck was originally jumper. Without going through anything, it was a world full of strange things continues. But people are also getting used to the appearance of increasingly bizarre alien creatures known as adaptation, but the end is not going through was communicating with body language. Alien Jumper Alien met jungen was also good. However, most jumpers caught trying to sell or eat high, or simply aliens have invaded the area, it is more common to kill without mercy. Who are experiencing a moment of crisis gradually jumper holes, that is now a portal can be opened and closed as he will. The principle could not see, was closed open jumpers if you wish. Just, could not decide where to go in order jumpers. Where did the other side of the portal is opened is random. In order to protect themselves from alien attack jumper has learned how to use the portal. Create a portal where the alien is tackled or, if yeouichi holding aliens have gone into the portal. The body of the jumper while wandering the myriad places began to grow rapidly. , Subject to a few times a day, has suffered growing pains. The rapid growth in the 17-year-old boy grew up jumper is in the 8-year-old boy. Although growth is delighted, on the other hand look at how anxious he Stray where euron forever unknown, went to erode the desperation jumper. And here is a new move... It was just... Earth. People with the same look and jumpers did full! However, unlike the memory of jumpers was different clothing or buildings. The sky go flying spacecraft, alien face hit once in the past they have attended past. It was the future of the earth. Joy a moment, realizing that the jumper was desperate to see my mom and dad, friends dolahwado to Earth. And the power of the jumper spontaneously began to rampage. While this might not be able to control the start of the jumper rampage swallowed up those cracks appeared in all directions. The army had dispatched to subdue the jumper, or any other person, has gone into the portal before reaching even to the jumper power. You can not control the power of the jumper. I can live a normal life jumper to go back to Earth?