Nephilim Nephilim

Long time ago, there were angels in heavens. These are the days where they patrol down to the earth. Their mission is to verify and solve things that can be harmful to humans survival. It was two days helping humans settled because they were still feeble. Angels were forced to coming down by the human. They began to crowd in Tokyo and follow those groups springing up. Among the crowd were some people that have a dream of having angel's child. One day, a bunch of angels were ready to follow them, they banquet came down to earth, The place fits with the angels was prepared. The angels do not eat nor sleep, I could not ignore their devotion was to participate. This is the case with some of the people had the opportunity to ask the angels earnestly. "Please have a child angel." The angels were daeeot get your fingers on the forehead of the girl slowly. Then, the belly of a pregnant woman moves slowly began. A few months later, the angel who was conceived children have been taken out one by one the world. The angels has a white hair and blue eyes, was a state that has a pure white wings. But not everyone is born children were born with red hair like blood, Born and at the same time I started getting petite increases. Within a few hours so while the children began to stand up and walk around on two legs, Petite increases began more than doubled in adults. They started randomly crashing everything looks around was engulfed in anger without reason. Unexpected in the circumstances people are all amazingly busy ran stroke, eye sight unfolds before was a disaster. End of act of destruction is not visible has been one months duration. Then, this light, one of them for Nephilim giants began spewing turned out, This new spirit will arise while awareness about yourself. However, other giants were destroyed except the Nephilim are still ilsamgo not stop, The appearance of all of this, including myself feel that it was wrong. After a while the giant Nephilim are seen in the closest started to depend very fast. Nephilim giants who literally rushed to the front of the eye which gokkura japahda giants threw it away. Then look at the Nephilim began around all the other giants have done, I have heard both flew to the Nephilim. It was born under the same conditions on the same day giants, the Nephilim was hidden for something special forces. Daetgo easily blow up several giants, giants in their appearance one by one began to flee frightened. Someone in my ears at the Rear of the giants of the Nephilim bodeon escape without spirit is starting to sound a voice. Najimakhi heard a voice in the ear but embarrass the Nephilim, lean slowly began listening ear. Who the unknown voice was saying Aura in any place to Nephilim. Slowly I moved to step into this place without hesitation voice led the Nephilim there is no place to go himself, already. It arrived there was a large and ornate door waiting Nephilim. Nephilim began Let's consider the statement loud sound place with an open door. The blinding light came pouring through the cracks and the door is open, jjipurimyeo one of the Nephilim there staring at the nunssal He moved slowly towards the door step. Let's look through the door is wide open there was unfolding was all covered with white clouds white. It was just cheonsanggye. And a man noticed shortly before the Nephilim. Blue eyes, and look to have a snow-white wings in white hair. It was just an angel. This petite between the Nephilim Nephilim did not realize was felt by ordinary people much smaller in size. Nephilim have been facing with equal eye level with the sight of the angels wanted to say something, It was only just make out the sound can not be heard as a babble can not know the language. Then the angels in front of eyes had your finger on the forehead of the Nephilim, And the number of languages ​​on the head of the Nephilim have been able to dialogue enters pouring. "Who are you?" Baeteun angel to say that the first word slowly opened his mouth. The angel's name is Michael the Archangel. And I told you that he could not notch is amazing. Angel was born the giants were expelled from the celestial angels, not having a mission patrolling the ground Fallen Angels was. The angels were created deported to the giants in the earth in order to devastate the wicked heart of the heavens So are all giants, including the Nephilim was born as soon as it began to destroy all things. And I know the reason for the presence of Michael bodeon heotalhan at the heart bullish thing made something for Nephilim Nephilim. It's just 'ethereal hammer. The armor he was clothed the divine light on the body of the hammer in the hands gamdol jwija Nephilim, The head of the angels and things are a bit 1850s, the ring has been created. And Michael said to the Nephilim. Both the giant and fallen angel told chopped it says. As soon as the words of Michael Nephilim has finished down like a meteor it falls to the ground. Nephilim is run to find out rapidly with the giant fallen angels Everyone was gathered in one place to find them. Forsaken by the force of a hammer blow up the giant in front of a fallen angel Nephilim dalryeodeun Appeared something of a black shape was stopped across the Nephilim. Then blow the Nephilim sent back away, some have begun to sound the mighty waters Within. There was a tsunami that swept all of colossal size, stood up all that running around, Nephilim have been caught in the tsunami without chaff unavoidable. Bonnie senses a strange place with strangers appear in front of the Nephilim. He geonnemyeo hand to his name, say developers Nephilim K. Where's this place? And the identity of this man said that the developer K?!