Jin Jin

Blue dragon, tiger, Suzaku, and subdue the enemy by force of Xuanwu! Jin was born in the house, which succeeded sasinmu. Father was hard samat Jin devoted to the development of the sasinmu sikira move is meant by the name of the martial arts Sasinmu is a martial arts ambassadors to represent the martial arts action and pitting, and that holds its strength in martial arts. Jin grew up watching his father with a child since the days of the disciples that the Father is practicing martial arts From the time we entered the age of five natural sasinmu. My father was not a special treat as the pendulum. And it has strictly and equally for other practitioners. Thanks to generations of descendants of samurai Jin cognitive skills were superior in hand. It does not only devoted Still further, thanks to the strict guidance of his father. Sasinmu but this is constrained to transfer, one key paper feeding is taught only to disciples. The most outstanding of his disciples must receive the unanimous skills of teachers and elders It can be the next jeonseungja of sasinmu. Jin will be around 6 years old, I was a little baby wrapped in gangbo abandoned on the doorstep of the family. Jin's parents had raised and acknowledged many minutes, then he took the baby to normal. Jin was able to fully exert a group of Xuanwu, he parents watching children skip stones loosely. The child seemed to be ilchwiwoljang eyes also grew healthily healthily Jin skills. Wujin Elder wrote more nerves than true parents. Jin's brother, a child is invasive. As Jin's brother 5 years old began practicing sasinmu. My brother made a great talent in martial arts than gin. People have praised and called the child genius. Jin's father in particular was noticeably prettier sister. But jealousy days a young mind, Jin has tried to rule over the hearts here because he kind of training. Wujin Elder had touched ttaseuhage like a grandfather Jin's mind. But one kinds of strange thing is my brother went grow more and more resembles his father. Between it started to move away more and more of a good road between parents. Then the night was a deep one. Jin woke up from sleep thirsty. Jin went to the kitchen for a drink of water. Then fine in my parents room I heard by chance during a brawl lights and sounds. Mother, who was filled with doubts to the wind of my father has not Echinostoma wife. That is the frequent quarrels between the two minutes after he terminated wish. One of Gene Expression Agonists around ¥ 11-year-old has not nearly the end. But my mother had for well egen brother. Jin Jin wonder that this is one kinds of cases egen brother who was very caring attitude and austerity. Then you will know the secret of the true father. Jin came to the UK to visit him and his brother to death. Jin went out for four to fuck with my brother. But I could feel the gicheok winner, followed by a gin and sister. Jin saw a man coming into hiding along with his brother and those who are not well carry alley. He was an ordinary woman. I gave the woman a gin and looked sure to find his brother. "What you come with us. Who? Who?" "Screams party ... ... I was wrong! I ... I just look for my son." "... The Son ...? Then you ..." "Black sobbing - I was wrong ... but trying to keep a promise, I do not see how could the mother of his children ..." "John's father a child?" "That's ... that's ..." "My father will notify cow. She... Give me tell you the truth." "... That's right ... It was between the former and original Sahib was eunae." "Oh ... that's what you mean?" "I had promised a future with a child with former enemies original Sahib. But information alone Sahib had to be stated in the marriage and family. Still Sahib often came looking for me and I had somehow I begin to bear a child Sahib. " "Father Know?" "What ... are true ... house Sahib is hadeoyida go with the child on the doorstep. I left not even find on a child suddenly appeared dwiron Double worse not to appear again cast in the village. " "... You outset deliberately chase us." "Oh, I just wanted to see my kids ... the kids ... like my pitdeongyi. But to live well .... Know aekkeulneun the heart of the mother? " "Now I really do not. That kid does not know anything. Oh, do not appear to be good for kids. " Jin could not be later did not say anything more on the house. So, I decided to leave a little early death than other training trip. So I went to the Wulin with the fourth death, leaving the training trip this time. Lily has the least money to travel without any help out on the family of Wulin The main purpose is to make money for yourself while building a hands-on experience. Travel training is usually one or two years huen go back, Jin sent to death before the journey continued. The matter is complicated because the house had forgotten smashing it more comfortable struggling to survive in the world. I wanted to inherit the family's martial art also becomes lighter mind that even conceivably independent. Jin was only occasionally visited only the Wujin Elder aside for questions or check the status of the sasinmu. Wujin Elder also was not at all to say about the house. Jin went to the 'tiger corps' of murimmaeng. In recognition of outstanding performance by triumphantly been chosen to escort a convoy to the leader. Then one day was. When the blood is blood magang magyo attacked and attend the village has heard the news. The rumors were true, murimmaeng has organized a blood magyo expedition. Progress has participated in the expedition to escort the leader's leaving the expedition. Jin's inaction has enough rigidity handful in the blind. Jin while trying to keep track of blood magyo Jin was reminiscent of someone who knows the impression of a man named Sheikh clothing magyo of blood. Attack of the family of Jin's family received the blood magyo was also present. Jin went to go directly to research. But research has shown signs people were killed in sasinmu than dead when blood magang. Jin joined the expedition is informed of this fact, went to the home of the barge blood magyo figured out this time. ¥ When there are hundreds of blood it fell're rollin magang. Jin was slain them in a certain moment of fatigue sasinmu Jiang Shi had gone into a trance slay them. Unfortunately, the blood magyo was a half-brother Sheikh Qin as expected. He came into the concubine of his father after the birth mother's brother Jin houses out After my mother died that He had fallen. Then his father had been suddenly collapsed and my brother is in California. But the family did not approve of his brother in California. Besides biological mother's brother is to make the child jeonsuja of sasinmu The paper feeding and the elders of the family to the other disciples did not show any more. Many disciples went with the elders of the family. They argue that California is the big brother, Jin formally taught growing up. My brother had resented it because the tragedy is all true. Brother heard up to the camp. Distinguished Flying child has had seoryeo wickedness. In addition, Gong would not be used as a blood magyo? Jin was caught driving his brother with overwhelming force. However, in order not bear to kill it. Jin who was hesitant moment, my brother was stuck a knife to gieoko camp. Jin willingly accepted death. At that moment the envoy Jin bodies piled up in groups when demolished, and driving out the full blood everywhere magang Get rid of all the evil spirit began dumping. Jin-stricken sister to cleanse the evil also has its aura makes you insane. The aura of Reaper Reaper back into the body of the missing group Nestle gained while Jin was a new enlightenment, Take your pick from a school camp flew into seongye. The whole thing happened before he woke up in an instant whether the people. The geomje was welcomed at the camp seongye. Then Gene was salpyeot the ground with its mission being given to potential confusion on the ground crying with geomje. One day, Jade Emperor appeared on Lost Saga World by Jin gave a command Ura potential confusion there. In particular, it is the tree that robot trying to destroy the balance of the world, called Strider. Jin is really going on Lost Saga Strider burigo're a riot! ! Can you really beat the Truesilver Strider?