Haohmaru Haohmaru

The world will undergo lucky adventurer.All outfits with ordinary stature, five of the eight villages sequences, intensity and strong wine bottle with barrel-of-a-kind test. Gifted from childhood, and there was none to be relative to the unremitting efforts the famous swordsman to the jyubeyi of his time, but after the first taste of defeat this residency and go to the flower garden and around the nation are looking for a man who is stronger than himself. Vassal the Bear which cheonpae, faster approached the enemy, enough to be invisible to the eye, the faster the speed of outs to drop the weapon of the opponent's attack thousand paecheo hwangcham destruction of weapons dropping weapons to overwhelm the opponent with its fight five beat down strongly into a flask holding his main attack, and that can be harnessed by the power of the other party through the fast-paced melee close-type mercenaries.