Cyborg Cyborg

Was a quiet girl who lived in the countryside. Every day helping parents of farming, she lived. The ruins of the village and you do not know the name of a day in the morning due to the raiders, slain by parents. After that, the girl was kidnapped from raiders, lost for some reason remember that her feelings to punish the rebels. Regain a little boy looking at one of the purified address bonaedeon of the rebels, since I remember her. Rebel leaked the information janip the bases caught trying to bring out of prison, you will regain all the memories. She overpowered the security forces, but converted into a cyborg body of rebels surrender their nuclear missile launch last troops head on the body of the universe will explode. Her the fuzzy jimyeo space explosion and will be sucked into the world of Lost Saga. Lightning attacks by generating an electric field on the track at the same time as fast-moving staff, a huge lightning hitting the space designated to launch a zigzag beam Great Execution by firing into the air, a huge beam, cross beam, hitting the target of a number of Exploration John focuses on local area for mercenaries.