Son Tae-Yang

Son Tae-Yang Son Tae-Yang

The sun is the closure of the hand, thanks to the school came to Seoul to transfer. Lodged with the landlord's daughter and a classmate helps juveniles were housed friendly. Hand battle skills of the sun touched the top plate of the juveniles persuasion skills to school children with the best top plate and who have teamed up to go out competition. Hand sun to the earth team practice team showdown with children to apply for the prestigious September Confrontation ended in a draw, but there is no systematic oversight because, unlike a prestigious team of elite team strategy was pressed. So hand to find the sun with team members went to the bishop. Buteotgo poor brothers and fight the midst of a moment of crisis with the help of a strange guy was able to defeat the brothers. Ties of this, you will chase him out he went to the coach. Eventually it turned uncle gave the director the director was a former pro team. Hand draw the sun in the tournament before the top plate Chan went to train with friends. Where he met the Queen and his friends call Fertilization and expand the confrontation with the top plate. Budithimyeonseo favor with the queen, but the top plate over the top plate is bigger or losing the center. It's this weird hand sun damdeok this survey goes to a friend's vile queen trapped in the basement of the arc was a ruse. Without knowing this fact does not appear in the hand the sun is headed damdeok venue has to worry about. Hand sun damdeok friends. Competition and the top plate! What happened was the result?